Opal Pacific provides a comprehensive matching , replacement and repair services.
We have been appointed "Opal Specialist Consultants" by the JASNZ Board and hereby awards all the Rights and Privileges of Membership accordingly.

Opal Stone

- Opal cutting and carving service / Cut to fit

- Opal repair / replacement, we can replace and match in most cases

- Opal Appraisals

Replace opal stone for jewellery
opal replacement for ring

black opal ring replacement

opal replacement for ring

opal replacement for pendant
Opal inlay repair
opal inlay repair
Re-cut opal stone
recut opal
Re-polish opal and jewellery
polish opal


- Remodelling Service

- Jewellery repair, including resize, reshanks, retipping of claws & rhodiumplate

- Polish and cleanings

- Custom jewellery designs

Customised black opal ring
opal diamond ring
opal inlay mens ring

computer model 3d diamond ring

diamond ring


- Rethreading strands / Knotting strands / Drilling / Grading / matching pearls